Here's the Home page:
Start now - link to the checkouts page.
Total balance - total balance for all currencies in USD.
Coin - list of all supported currencies and their balances. Clicking on a currency filters all transactions by it. Clicking on "All" text resets the filtering.
Show all currency - allows you to reset transactions filter by currency.
Hide zero balances - allows you to hide coins with zero balances.
Transactions - a list of all transactions within the selected merchant. There are three types of transactions in CPAY:
  • Replenishment;
  • Withdrawal;
  • Refund.
Here's a detail information about transaction:
  • Transaction type;
  • Transaction date and time;
  • Transaction status;
  • Transaction sum;
  • Payment ID - transaction identifier in CPAY;
  • Name - customer's name;
  • E-mail - customer's e-mail;
  • To - wallet to which funds are sent;
  • From - wallet from which funds are sent;
  • Miner Fee in cryptocurrency and fiat currency;
  • System Fee in cryptocurrency and fiat currency;
  • clickId;
  • Transaction hash;
  • IncomingHash - transaction hash of replenishment of the merchant's client wallet.
You can search transaction by wallet address, clickId, transaction hash, customer's name and e-mail.
You can filter transactions by type and by date from newest on top to oldest on top and vice versa.
If the transaction fails for any reason, the user will see a notification with the reason for the failure: