You can register to the CPAY by two way:
1)By E-mail
2)By phone
There are two roles in the system: Individual, Business. They differ in the available functionality in the system.
Individual is a type of user who operates only with the merchant's wallets, can accept, send payments, add new merchant wallets and create checkouts. This user has only one merchant.
Business is a type of user that is business-oriented, for example, in a retail environment. It is possible to create merchants up to 5, set up its commissions, integrate with a third-party system, create client wallets and create checkouts.
Here's the login forms:
If you have E-mail 2FA or 2FA, you should input them before login. You can get E-mail 2FA and 2FA in Profile page.
Here're E-mail 2FA and 2FA forms:
Clicking on the text "Forgot your password?" opens a password recovery form.
To restore your password, you should input your E-mail and send a letter to it with a link to restore.
Here's the restore password form through E-mail:
Also you can reset password through Mnemonic phrase. You should click on the "Reset password" button on the password recovery form.
Here's the restore password form through Mnemonic phrase:
You can get Mnemonic phrase in Profile page.