Here's the Withdrawal page:
Coin - all currencies that have funds.
My wallets - wallets only with funds.
To start withdrawing funds, you need to select a wallet and click on the "Send" button, thereby opening the "Send Money" page.
All commissions are estimated upon withdrawal and withdrawn from the wallet outside the withdrawal amount. That is, the user displays exactly as much as he wanted.
You can withdraw currency starting from 50 USD. To calculate how much you want to withdraw of cryptocurrency in dollars and use the Exchange rate field. To withdraw funds, you need to input 2FA.
For each currency, the number of digits after the decimal point has been set:
  • BTC - 6;
  • ETH - 18;
  • BNB - 18;
  • USDT - 18;
  • BUSD - 18;
  • TRX - 6.
An error is displayed when trying to enter more characters: